In these days of damp weather and weary night of writing papers for classes, here is a quick tip to cheer you up: go have a ramen!

But not just at any ramen place: go to Naritake (also named Kotteri Naritake). You'll find the tiny shop (very Japanese style), 31 rue Des Petits Champs, where lies the Japanese district (you can also find some Korean shops, but it's mainly Japanese). Describing the many wonders of this district will be our object in another post, so let's just keep focused on eating Naritake's ramen.

You'll very likely have to queue around 10/15 minutes so make sure to take this into account before going. If yo are vegetarian, unfortunately the restaurant does not offer any ramen for you but we hope that it will in the future.

The food is abundant (no one among us could finish) so don't order too much unless you're among a large party.

For my part, I had the soyu egg ramen which was excellent. One of my friends had the miso pork one and said she liked it a lot. Just be careful not to take the miso one if you don't like salty food (and the soyu one is excellent ,so you will enjoy whatever you have). If you are a gyoza fan or like other type of noodle dishes, you'll also find this place great.

If have had the opportunity to go to Japan, you'll definitely feel like you're back: it's in every aspect a typical ramen place you might find in Shinjuku or in Kyoto.

Cécile ^^

average price: 6 gyoza 5 euros

ramen: between 10,50 to 14,50 euros.

(pictures from Tripadvisor)

Life is better with ramenLife is better with ramen
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